Sometimes good things just happen

As in the case of Ubuntu Linux. Man, is this operating system a blast or what?

I was fortunate enough to resurrect a fellow coworker’s old XP machine and reimage it so that it is a pure 100% Ubuntu OS. And I am so stoked I cannot put it into words. I have loved Linux for a while and, though I still use Winblows because I have to for various reasons, I am thinking that sooner or later I might just run a pure Linux environment and run Windows inside a VM or something.

I am just really pleased with Ubuntu. Yes, there are some things that the OS cannot do, and there are some things that happen better in Windows just because few people even know there are alternatives. But barring that Linux is a very viable alternative operating system for anyone that wants security and stability in their computer. No viruses, no malware, no stupidity. Only good performing, intuitive operation.

If you are ever feeling in the mood to try Ubuntu, you can, without even installing it, by loading it from the live CD and playing with it. If you are even more adventurous you can install Linux as a Windows application using Wubi, the Windows Ubuntu installer. This is how I got started playing with Ubuntu and I have not looked back since.

Seriously, if you ever want to just play with it, try it out. I think you will be glad with what you see.

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