Kings, and the folks that love them

NBC launched a new television show called Kings this past Sunday evening. It is a modernized version of the David and Goliath story featuring a new, young actor named Chris Egan. Egan plays a soldier by the name of David Shephard who earns favor with king Silas Benjamin, played by veteran actor Ian McShane by standing up to and staring down an enemy tank code named Goliath. The reason he earns the kings favor? He stared down the tank in order to rescue two fellow soldiers, one of whom is the son of the king.

I like the story line, and the way that it is presented. For a modern, made for TV drama series, the writers did a really good job of pulling in snippets of the real David and Goliath story into this show. I think it helps that they have a Christian actor in Chris Egan as well, who grew up in Phil Pringle’s Christian City Church in Australia and is now staying in Los Angeles but communicating regularly with the pastor the church I attend. Regardless, I applaud NBC for their boldness and willingness to take on a story line like this one. I’m amazed that a network station would step into that.

That said, I think there is a huge untapped market of viewers for all networks that would like to see more shows that involve bible-based stories presented with a modern twist. I think it makes the bible much more relevant when you can see what happened through today’s eyes. Not saying that the TV show is in any way a real reenactment, but applying the world of today to a story from thousands of years ago makes the story from way back when seem a little more understandable.

So if you are into looking at something different, outside the norm or just pretty cool and entertaining, tune in to NBC’s Kings. It is a good story with good acting and a good presentation.

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