Is a free haircut worth the price?

I took my kids to my sister’s house to today to celebrate my nephew’s birthday. As is usually the case, the kids have a tendency to run about the house playing and the adults mingle around the living room, the kitchen or the garage talking, drinking and otherwise being adults.

During the adult talks the subject of my cheapness and my waiting a few extra weeks between haircuts came up. Sure enough I discovered that I have a barber in my family. My cousin Nick, while not formally trained, has been cutting the cousins’ hair for a while now and offered to cut my hair for me for free. I thought seriously about his offer since $11 for my haircut and $9 for my son’s haircut is such a huge price to pay but was a tad hesitant after smelling the alcohol that was floating in his very large cup. I told him I would think about it and paid no more attention to it.

A little bit before I was ready to leave my brother-in-law and my cousin set up the barber shop for me without telling anyone. Soon afterward the taunting and teasing and peer pressure kicked in and it wasn’t long before both my son and I went under the blade of my cousin’s crafty hand. The end result for me? Have a look:

I haven't been this short since I was 12
I haven't been this short since I was 12

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  1. dear robert gonzalez,

    i need to congratulate you for your very nice highly shaved military haircut, veryyyy nice on you.
    do you have more pics, please.
    best regards, dear robert gonzalez

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