Living the unsweet life

A few weeks ago I went to the doctor for a check up. This was brought on by a sudden and disconcerting series of very severe headaches that ultimately ended up with me being diagnosed with a migraine.

Shortly after suffering these headaches, as I was removing one of my socks, I realized that the outer portion of my left foot was numb. The numbness radiated from my heel to my toes along the entire outer part of my left foot. This was a real concern for me since I am all to familiar with the effects of diabetes and the history of diabetes in my family. So I made an appointment to be seen for this condition. As part of that appointment, which ended up being a pinched nerve in my ankle, I was asked to take a blood test. And the results were astonishing.

As has been my history all of the results of the blood test were normal. With the exception of one, that is. That one exception was my blood sugar. My blood sugar (glucose, fasting) level this time was 142. It is supposed to be under 100. And that concerned me. So I decided that I needed to make a change.

I’m not one for making long, gradual changes that take forever and end up not making any difference. So I pretty much removed all raw sugars and sweets from my diet. I also began to become very cognizant of the amount of sugar in many of the foods I eat and have tried to stay away from those or eat them only in moderation and in small amounts. To that end, some of the things I have done are:

  • Stopped putting sugar in my coffee
  • Stopped drinking coke and pepsi (I still drink diet coke)
  • Stopped eating candies (unless they are sugar free)
  • Stopped eating pastries and other baked goodies
  • Started eating a lot more unsweetened whole grain cereals
  • Minimized consumption of pastas, breads and white rice
  • Increased my water intake dramatically

There are some other things that I am working on right now, too, as I try to learn the best ways to minimize my sugars. I am also limiting my caffeine and sodium intake as well because, as I found out in my most recent exam, my blood pressure is a little high, too. My doctor is not totally worried about it. He says that most of what I am going through could easily be controlled with proper eating and exercise (which is something else I have started doing a little more).

So for now the sweet life, for me, is on hold in favor of the unsweet life. I have seen the effects of diabetes on several of my family members in the past and I have to say, since I have control over it, I am going to exercise that control. I refuse to end up like some of my family members. And I refuse to give my kids the horrible experience of seeing me waste away to a disease that I not only can, but will, control.

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  1. Good for you! We all want to see you around a lot longer. And it is also good for your eye sight to keep the blood sugar in check.

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