My Insanity weight loss progress

Since today marks the end of the first four weeks of Insanity for me I wanted to post my weight loss progress for you to see that this program does indeed work. I am so stoked for the progress I’ve made and I cannot wait to see what the last four weeks will bring.

Something to note… on Day 2 of the program my weight ballooned to 293.0 pounds and stayed there for the next few days. So the first week on the program, while it shows a 0 pound weight loss, was actually a loss that mitigated the gain I had in the first few days of Insanity.

As you can see, through the first four weeks of Insanity I have lost a total of 18.5 pounds. Looking a little closer, you can see that I actually lost all that in the last three weeks. Yes, this program does work.

My weight loss results for the first four weeks of Insanity
Week Date Weight Loss Total
0 03/15/2010 289.5
1 03/20/2010 289.5 0 0
2 03/27/2010 285.0 4.5 4.5
3 04/03/2010 277.5 7.5 12.0
4 04/10/2010 271.0 6.5 18.5

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  1. I appreciate your results being broken down like that. Thanks! Good luck with the next four weeks. I just did the first two days and it kicked my butt.

  2. Keep pushing through it. I’ve said it several times around here that the third day is a critical day. You’re body will more than likely feel it is shutting down and will seriously be telling you that you can’t do it anymore. You can. You must. Once you get past day 3 you will feel a world different about the workout and your ability to do it.

    I’m going through that again for the second time now as I work through the Max workouts. The third day was awful. But yesterday, the fourth day, and today have been way different. And my results are showing it. 🙂

    Keep sticking to it. You can do it.

  3. In 2002 I lost 107 pounds between January and October doing pretty much nothing but cardio (treadmill running) and dieting (weight watchers). It was a great run until I lost my mojo sometime after injuring my knee on a hilly one February morning. This is to say that I totally agree with you. Cardio exercises and watchful, responsible dieting can work wonders for anyone that is trying to lose or maintain their weight. Applied correctly it can also be useful for those that are trying to gain weight as well.

  4. Thanks for the breakdown. I am of similar body size and am planning on starting Insanity. Hopefully I can get the results that that you are getting. Wondering if you could post final results?

  5. on week 3 still taking rests through out workout cant keep up with the group but i did improve according to 2nd fit test so hanging on lost 2 lbs app 1 per week

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