My insanity weight loss progress through April 17, 2010

As much as I hate the fact that I only lost 2 pounds this past week, I can honestly say that I am pretty satisfied that I have lost more than 20 pounds since beginning Insanity five weeks ago.

If you have any doubt that this program works, dispell them. See for yourself that this program does indeed work.

My weight loss results for the first five weeks of Insanity
Week Date Weight Loss Total
0 03/15/2010 289.5
1 03/20/2010 289.5 0 0
2 03/27/2010 285.0 4.5 4.5
3 04/03/2010 277.5 7.5 12.0
4 04/10/2010 271.0 6.5 18.5
5 04/17/2010 269.0 2.0 20.5

2 Replies to “My insanity weight loss progress through April 17, 2010”

  1. Just wanted to let you know I’ve really been enjoying your Insanity blog. I’m just finishing out week two, and hope my results come out even half as good as yours. Reading your daily posts gives me a window into the future and helps keep me motivated, so keep posting! I can’t wait to hear what the max workouts are like. Best of luck next week!

  2. Two weeks is big! Congratulations on sticking it out. I’m sure with a proper diet and digging deep in your workouts you will experience incredible results. It’s inevitable, you will succeed.

    I’m looking forward to the max workouts, too. I’m a little nervous about, to be honest, but really, really excited. I’m hoping that in the last four weeks I can lose more weight than I did in the first four weeks.

    Good luck to you in your journey as well. I’d appreciate your comments here as you progress through yours. Others may benefit from knowing that there are other people digging deep and working it out.

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