Insanity: Day 36 – Fit Test and Max Interval Circuit

You have GOT to be kidding me.

Robert Gonzalez

For the duration of this week Shaun T will no longer be called Shaun T but will instead be known herein after as The Great Satan. He is pure evil and is seeking to kill me.

First off, let me start out by saying that I think I did a heck of a job on my fit test today. I know I have improved significantly in the area of one minute explosive exercises. I have short term stamina now that I know I didn’t have five weeks ago. And it showed in my fit test this morning.

However I know I need to improve my long term stamina a lot more. Because though I was able to blast through the first five exercise in the fit test this morning I had almost nothing left for the last three. And it showed in my fit test this morning.

But enough of my fit test for now. You can see the results of today’s fit test and its comparison to my previous tests if you really must see them now. I’d rather talk about today’s hour long workout.

Satan isn’t lying when he says that things pick up in the last four weeks of the Insanity program. Oh. My. Goodness. Do they ever! Today was incredibly challenging. And painful. And exhausting. It was like starting the program all over again from the first day. Now I know that I took a fit test before the routine for today, which I am certain played some part in my inability to do anything during the workout today. But the circuits themselves were amazingly difficult in and of themselves.

Heck, even the warm ups were hard today. They were different than what we are used to which makes them challenging in that way. But the warm up exercises are actually harder than the first month warm ups, which I thought were hard already. I know I was gassed early on in today’s routine and it showed in how many times I had to stop to catch my breath during the warm ups.

The actual exercise routines were freaking crazy though. Honestly, I don’t remember too much of them because half the time I was sucking carpet. I was absolutely gassed during the first of the three circuits this morning, so as I think about them, I’m pretty sure I did about 25% of the exercises we were supposed to this morning. It was a butt kicking, exhausting, body working routine today. And to be honest, it hurt.

At least I won’t feel as comfortable and complacent as I had last week. Or even the fourth week for that matter. No, I feel like the max portion of Insanity is a whole other workout. Which is nice, because I have some pretty big goals and I’m sure this will help me hit them. Still, I feel like a total n00b right now as I sit here with sore legs, a sore back and sore abs. I thought the first month got me in shape for this. Hell no. The first month got me in shape for the first month.

I’m not sure anything could get you in shape for Insanity Max.

Today’s fit test results

My Insanity Fit Test Results for Day 36
Routine Reps Day 1 Reps Day 15 Reps Day 36
Switch Kicks 41 50 63
Power Jacks 35 42 54
Power Knee 69 95 113
Power Jump 20 32 35
Globe Jumps 6 7 8
Suicide Jumps 11 13 13
Push Up Jacks 16 27 25
Low Plank Oblique 35 46 45

37 Replies to “Insanity: Day 36 – Fit Test and Max Interval Circuit”

  1. I am about to start the Day 36 Workout!
    Fairly apprehensive about it but def ready for the challenge!

  2. Dude, Day 36 is by far the most challenging day in the program. It was remarkably challenging for me even on my second time around. No joke, it is rough. But when you get through it you will know without a doubt that you can do anything, and two weeks from now when you do it again, you are going to be totally prepared for it.

    Dig deep! You can do it. You’re almost there!

  3. Just finished day 36 sore all over and i too was sucking carpet, i do however intend to go all out next time im faced with this workout.

    Robert you sir are my inspiration i have reread your insanity blogs twice over and i still continue too read it daily, i thank you for motivating me and i hope you continue to inspire others out there. There have been times when i have felt like quiting but so far i havent missed a single workout.

    If anyone else is reading this you can do it too! I’m 5ft 8 “weighed 170lbs i now weigh 155lbs thats a loss of 15lbs in 5 weeks! A lot of this is down to you and your blog sir.

    Thank You.

  4. Bro, posts like yours make blogging about my Insanity journey so worthwhile. I am actually on day 36 myself, in my third round. I was supposed to be starting max week today but I hurt my back yesterday so I am taking a week off to heal. But I am getting back into it next Monday!

    Thanks for the comment man. You just made my day.

  5. did fit test of day 36 didnt realize it was 25 min plus the workout was 60 mins i have to break it up bc of work i hope thats not bad?? anyone care to respond i will let ya know how it turns out

  6. Rochelle… whatever works for you, do it. If splitting the workouts works, do that. And yes, respond. And feel free to post your Fit Test numbers if you like.

    I happen to be on the same schedule as you after taking last week off. That means I just got done doing Day 36 in my third round of Insanity. Here are my numbers for today:

    Switch Kicks: 56 – 63 – 65
    Power Jacks: 47 – 53 – 57
    Power Knees: 110 – 116 – 124
    Power Jumps: 42 – 55 – 66
    Globe Jumps: 8 – 9 – 11
    Suicide Jumps: 15 – 17 – 20
    Push-Up Jacks: 28 – 27 – 31
    Low Plank Oblique: 50 – 57 – 63

  7. Thank you for the warning 🙂 I am on day 33 and was anxious about it when I saw both scheduled for the same day 😀

  8. Knocked out all 63 days Robert. You had an awesome set of blog entries and they all helped me get through them. I’m on my second round and after seeing the results of Round 1 my other half has decided to jump on board too. I should set up my own blog pages but decided with limited time I’d go ahead and use the site.

    Good Times and keep up the great work…

  9. That is a freaking awesome accomplishment! And if you got into Round 2 when you posted this you should be just about halfway through it, which is another awesome accomplishment.

    If you do put up a blog, let me know so I can link to you. That would be awesome.

  10. Hey Robert… you are dead on. I actually finished day 39 of Round2 today (or is it day 102??). You know, I thought it would be easier the second time around. Not really. Definitely seeing the changes though. The second month is a killer… don’t know why. Regardless, I’m on the Wowy site, username GISBoy.

    I’ll look for you on their site too. Sersiously, keep up the work on your blogging… it’s actually VERY good.

  11. Thank’s so much. I just added you as a buddy on WOWY. Keep digging deep and keep kickin’ ass. You have accomplished a bunch. I hope post before and after photos sometime so we can see how awesome you’ve done.

  12. Hello there! i’m actually pretty nervous because i just finished the recovery week and today is fit test and max interval! and OMG i’m exited but at the same time scared! haha!
    i wanted to ask you, when you finish the fit test and begin the other workout (max interval) do you have to do the warm up and stretching again? because i think you are already warm no?
    thank you!

  13. Fernando, congratulations on getting where you are! For me, when it came to doing multiple workouts (Pure Cardio / Cardio Abs, etc) I always did what was in the program, regardless if I felt like I was warmed up. I don’t know, it just made sense to me to do it that way. If it doesn’t make sense to you, do what feels right to you. Either way, just make sure to get your workout in. The most important aspect of this program is pressing play every day.

    You got this.

  14. Liz, you should be. 😉

    For real though, if you’ve made it this far you’re going to kick this thing’s ass. Yes, day 36 is probably the hardest day of the entire program. But it is so freaking rewarding when you get done. It’s gonna hurt, sure. And it’s gonna make you curse at Shaun T. But in the end you are gonna walk away from it with your head and hands held hi because you’ll know that you were able to dig deeper than you ever thought you could and bust out something amazing.

    You got this!

  15. I absolutely love how fast you reply 🙂 How long is day 36? Just so I can set my alarm clock accordingly 🙂

  16. About an hour and a half. It’s the fit test (what’s that, like 25 minutes) plus Max Interval Circuit (about 60 minutes). I only gave myself enough time to switch DVDs so I didn’t rest between.

  17. Im about half way into week 2 of the first month and my hopes and dreams of being ready and prepared for month 2 are now shot and dead on my kitchen floor. So I appreciate your honest report of the workout. I was wondering however; can anyone tell me if the workouts on days 13, 36, and 47 are on discs alone, or ifim supposed to combine 2 separate workouts to get the full picture. I don’t have the official insanity package, just the nutrition guide, calander and the down loads of the workouts a friend gave me. I’m justsomewhatconfused and would appreciate any information.

  18. Jordan, don’t let yourself be discouraged. The program is hard, but you so got this. Really, you go this.

    As for the double days…
    Days 13, 17, 22, 26: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs
    Days 36, 50: Fit Test & Max Interval Circuit
    Days 47, 52, 58, 62: Max Cardio Conditioning & Insane Abs

    On the program discs, Pure Cardio has a copy of Cardio Abs on it. Max Cardio Conditioning has a copy of Insane Abs on it. But if you don’t have the program discs then you will need to workout to separate programs. As for days 36 and 50, I did the fit test first, then swapped out the disc for Max Interval Circuit.

    Hope that helps. And keep your head up. You’re only a few days into a very long journey. Don’t let it get you down.

  19. on days like day 36 where i have fit test and max interval circuit can i take a brake after fit test for like an 1h-2h or do i continue right away without a brake with max interval circuit?

  20. Feel free to handle the workout any way you want to. For me, I always did them in one swoop just because that happened to fit my schedule best and I knew that if I didn’t do them back to back that the chances of me flaking on myself would be really good. So to keep myself accountable I just did them back to back. Besides, I was already sweaty, the room was already cleared… it just made it easier overall for me.

    But like I said, this is YOUR workout. Do it your way. Just make sure to get it done the same day.

  21. Just finished my fit test on day 36 (125-52-90-36-13-17-28-56)… How come I’ve got so many switch kicks? Should I count per pair or each leg individually? Anyway, I’d like to go on into the intervals right away, but need to bring my son to his Kindergarten… so I’m gonna rest for 2 or so hours and have my BF in-between… Scared for what’s coming up.

  22. Rog, something that is not told to you anywhere – even on the Fit Test video – is that switch kicks are measured as two kicks per rep. So if you kick 125 times that would equate to 62 switch kicks. I don’t count halves and since 1 is less than 2, I’d say that last one is lost for the count.

    How did it work out resting for you? I’ve never done that but would be interested to see how your experience went.

  23. Hi Robert, thanks for your quick reply! The rest of the workout of day 36 went better than expected, until the 3rd round of sets… By the last time of low plank obliques I thought I really had gone insane! And although I still felt exhausted the morning after, the reward was on the scale!!!
    But if you think day 36 is the hardest, think twice. Just finished day 37 and I don’t know who’s worse than Satan, but Shaun T really comes close. Once you’ve reached the final stretch, however, you’re grateful that there’s no more hell. At least not until tomorrow.

  24. The poster actually tells you that 2 switch kicks = 1 rep. And that four jumps during globe jump = 1 rep.

    Finished Day 36 yesterday. Kept thinking of your Day 35 post “tomorrow as I defend my life against Shaun T”. Made me laugh everytime I wanted to cry from the pain. Just kept saying “I’m defending my life against Shaun T”.

  25. Day 36 was absolutely brutal, although I did not plateau in my fit test results. I threw on an extra 4-15 reps on nearly everything. I was impressed. I got to thinking that perhaps people hold back a little on the fit test knowing they have an hour long workout coming up.

    As I said in another comment, the Floor Switch Kicks are no joke. The first one I tried I felt like I pulled my tricep, so I modified to remove the “hop” so I didn’t wreck my triceps on Day 36. I’d almost recommend that to anyone.

    I filled my water bottle four times. It was a battle the entire time, starting with the warm-up. The warm-up was like a workout again. After 4 weeks the warm-up started to actually feel like a warm-up. I aspire to get back there.

    I laughed at Shaun T when he said that one exercise involved ski abs, in and out abs, and push-ups but then noticed that ski-abs and in and out abs weren’t as big of a deal when they weren’t the last thing in the set. Those used to kill me at the end of the Month 1 workout.

    All in all, I think the 90 total minutes of work-out were the toughest part. I actually enjoyed all the punching that was in this work-out, even if it was tough toward the end. Other than the Floor Switch Kicks, I felt it was all pretty doable to get through.

  26. I just did the first day of the recovery week and I’m looking at this next monday (juggling month 2 with the first month of my senior college year) and I’m now pretty scared… probably going to do the fit test in the morning and the actual work out in the afternoon since I have a morning class, thus not a lot of time to kill myself in the morning… but still, I be scared now. But you know what, challenge accepted.

  27. Come on guys! You already knew that this was not going to be sunshine and rainbows. I did day 36 a few days ago, I did the fit test and max interval circuit back to back. Yeah I ended up feeling like shit, I almost threw up at least twice but it was worth it. Why? Because day 37 is really hard, but if you keep in mind that you just did the whole day 36 back to back, you know that there is no way to not complete the whole routine and even more the whole insanity program.

  28. Robert sir I am huge fan of your blog, hats off to u sir, I really respect u. your blog is really inspiring and motivational.

    I am 6′ and 165 pound. Today was my day 25 and I can see the Improvement although I am kinda fit( At least I thought before starting Insanity) so far I am very Impress with the result. I am really looking forward to it. Waiting for month 2. Finger crossed.

  29. Great blog Robert! Just did day 36 fit test… Now battling against my urges to throw up whilst having a break before max interval circuit! DIGGIN’ DEEPER!

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