Welcome 2011 and to you, 2010, a not so fond farewell

As I sit down, lazing about toward the end of this, the first day of 2011, I find myself recollecting the happenings of 2010 and thinking of what this fresh new year might bring. I wish I could say, as I recollect, that 2010 was a banner year for my family and I, but the truth is 2010 was riddled with struggle, hardship, challenges and battles. It was really a hard year. And while I know that many people share this sentiment, I am not really one to dwell too long on the negative.

So with that, I’d like to remember a few things that happened this past year that were utterly positive and totally worthy of being remembered fondly:

  • Sandi got a lot better
    After a very long battle with illness and other debilitating health issues, Sandi’s health started to improve dramatically this year. She’ll admit that she’s still not 100% better. But she would also concede that she is doing way better now than she was just a year ago. Thank God for that.
  • I lost a crapload of weight
    In March of 2010 I made a decision to stop being unhealthy and lose some weight. I had no idea what I was in store for, but I knew I couldn’t continue to live my life how I had been. For those of you that were following along, you know that between March and July I lost 60 pounds on the Insanity program. My life was completely transformed because of this. But more important than the weight loss was the lifestyle transformation that took place in me, the most awesome thing being that as of the last day of 2010 I had not gained back a single pound I had lost. Hells yes.
  • My family got bitten by the theater bug
    Sandi, Sarah, Rebekah and Adriannah all auditioned for, and were cast in, Cinderella, a Stage 1 Theatre production. This was the first of what would become a string of performances they would be involved in until the end of the year. It was challenging at times, but it was very liberating for Sandi and the girls so though the nights were long the expenses high and the toll great, over the long haul, it was a win.
  • Sarah started high school, AJ started kindergarten
    As of this year I no longer have babies. This makes me smile. Sarah started high school this year, which is huge for us because it totally exposes how freaking old I really am. Wait, what? Did I really say that? What I meant to say is that it is huge because Sarah is moving into a new phase of her life. And so is AJ, who is now school aged. That means more work for Sandi and I, more work for the older girls and fewer and fewer years until all of the kids are off to college.
  • I got a new job
    In September I had the fortune of running across a Craigslist add that caught my eye. It was a Thursday morning and, without really thinking too much about it, I sent my resume to the email address in the ad at about 11:00 AM. Less than an hour later I was on a phone interview with this company. The next day I was interviewing in person with the VP. After the interview I was tasked with working as a contractor for them on a trial basis so that we could mutually evaluate each other. I fell in love with the work and, as best I can tell, they liked what I did. After my trial was up I was offered a job with them that was too good to refuse and, at the end of October I made one of the bigger life changes I’ve made in a long time.

There were quite a few other things that happened this year that were blessings to me and my family. Many of those things can be gleaned from Sandi’s Facebook, where she has documented pretty well the happenings of our family for the past year or so. Or, if you know me personally, you’ve probably already been bombarded with all of the happenings in my life, both the good and the bad.

Regardless of the state of 2010, it is now entirely behind us and in the past. I’m really not into focusing on the past too much, so as of today, my eyes are set on 2011. I know that with any start to a year, change is bound to occur. However, I know that given the nature of the past few years, 2011 will necessarily have to carry with it severe, positive change if I am to expect to make it out alive or sane. I know things cannot continue the way they are, for the most part, if there is to be any thriving in the Gonzalez house.

So as I begin my journey into this new year, I’m preparing myself for significant change, adventure and excitement. And you know what? I’m way more thrilled about that than I have ever been before.

Happy new year. May your 2011 be the best year of your life and may you gracefully and peacefully release 2010 from your clutches, whether it was good or bad for you.

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