American Idol is back, and it’s way different

Last night I watched American Idol as the final TV show contestants were picked. That is one of my favorite parts of the show, seeing people melt in either joy or heartbreak as the judges tell them “Yes” or “No”. I can imagine that the highest of the highs, those that get the few yes votes alloted, would be so overfilled with excitement that they breakdown and cry. I mean, it is a yes to getting on to national TV on American Idol. Who wouldn’t want that?

And then there are those few that get the nos and appear to have their world shattered because to them American Idol was their life’s work and they will never, ever amount to anything ever again. Or perhaps they just give that impression.

In any event, it has always been a fun part of the show for me to watch because the magic number of 24 seemed so perfect with all those people making it to the final round of judgement. But wouldn’t you know that in the air of keeping things fresh the producers of American Idol have decided to allow 36 contestants into the TV stage this year? Why would they do this? I mean other than to make the season a tad longer which in turn would generate more ad revenue which in turn would pay the executives higher bonuses?

Anyway, I am cranky about this. I know I cannot do anything about it and that my opinion, in the grand scheme of things, means absolutely crap to anyone. But this here blog is my platform for communication of all things rant, rave and opinion. So you, loyal reader number one of three, get to hear it. Read it. Get a taste of my opinion.

I hope it works out good this year. I really do. It has gotten better just about every year. And this year’s talent pool runs pretty deep.

Congratulations David Cook

You tore it up and deserved to win. All season long you brought it. And on finale night you delivered. I applaud you.

I am thankful that this American Idol season is finally over. I love the show and the talent but to be honest, it is an amazing distraction. I get so little done during the season because I am so interested in how things are playing out on the show.

I know, I am drama. Stupidity wrapped in the shape of a large man. Whatever.

It is over. I am happy. For me and for David Cook. He can now be added to this list of awesome performers that have graced the American Idol stage:

  1. Kelly Clarkson – 2002 (Runner up: Justin Guarini)
  2. Ruben Studdard – 2003 (Runner up: Clay Aiken)
  3. Fantasia Barrino – 2004 (Runner up: Dianna DeGarmo)
  4. Carrie Underwood – 2005 (Runner up: Bo Bice)
  5. Taylor Hicks – 2006 (Runner up: Katherine McPhee)
  6. Jordin Sparks – 2007 (Runner up: Blake Lewis)
  7. David Cook – 2008 (Runner up: David Archuleta)

Anxiously anticipating the American Idol finale

I cannot wait until tonight. I am actually really interested to see how this season ends.

I know it sounds weird but I am almost torn between Cookie and Archie. While I think Cookie overall had a better season, I think he wore himself out and did not have all to give last night.

On the other hand, Archie never really takes chances so he had everything to give last night.

Seriously though, why do I even care? I’m not sure. I am just anxious to find out who won.

Maybe I am anxious because as soon as I know I will be able to sleep.

No Goliath to slay for these Davids

I waited on making this post until after American Idol because I wanted to try to capture something from the finale. Going into the show tonight I thought it would be a great show. I think I was pretty spot on.

Both Davids kicked butt tonight. Both of them showed great originality, great range, great vocals. Both of them sang very well.

And while I think that David Cook (Cookie, as I’ll call him from here on out) is an all around better performer, a la Ruben Studdard, tonight I think the singing went to David Archuleta (Archie as he will herein be known).

Cookie tore things up. But his singing I think sounded a little strained. That might be because of how hard he sings and the fact that all of his songs vary so much in style that he will almost always be using his voice. Whatever the cause, his voice sounded a little tired.

Archie sang his normal soft voiced love song type songs. But he sang them very well. Better than Cookie. And I think that might make the difference.

We’ll see tonight. I think it will be close like the Ruben / Clay finale of season 2. Regardless, I think we were treated to a great American Idol season. Thanks to the contestants for really bringing it this year.

Good luck to you David. Both Cookie and Archie.

Where have I been?

Somehow last week I totally skipped over the fact that Carly Smithson got evicted from the performers list of American Idol. This came as quite the shock to me since I thought for sure that Brooke White would have gotten the axe.

I was also surprised to see Syesha Mercado in the bottom three as well. I thought her performance last week was her best of the season. I was truly shocked last week.

Of course, the show is in the hands of the American public, so I am sure that I will disagree with most of the decisions made this year. But I think last week things just went way wrong.

Of course I still hold to my final two: David Cook and David Archuleta. But I am more interested in who gets the boot this week.

So putting last week behind me I will be watching in full attention tonight as the remaining five battle it out for a chance to make it to next week.

Hasta La Vista Michael Johns

Michael Johns has left the ranks of the “still competing on American Idol” list. And this surprises the carp out of me.

While I still hold to my opinion that Kristy Lee Cook is the Sanjaya Malakar of this season, I would never in a million have suspected that Michael Johns would be going home this soon. I did not think he would make the finals, but I thought he might make the top four at least.

Given the silly nature of Jason Castro’s “Somewhere over the rainbow” (I loved the original version on the Ukelele, but his I thought was a little weak) I was almost certain he played himself of the show. I was way wrong.

So now that the competitor list of shortened to a reasonable count of seven I was thinking that it might be nice to start throwing out projections of places where these folks might be going home.

Syesha Mercado has had a number of bad weeks on the show so far. So has Kristy Lee Cook. And though Carly Smithson can rock the house, she seems to have lightened things up a bit as of late. Not sure why, but it looks like she is trying to appeal to the masses instead of being Carly.

Jason Castro needs to open this thing up a bit. He has played it very safe the last few weeks, and though the kids has those amazing “‘I have to have Jason Castro’ say the girls” eyes, cuteness does not win the show (as was proven by Katharine McPhee two years ago). Brooke White is a sweet person, or at least presents herself that way. She can sing too, just not as good as she plays the piano. I think this season is wearing on her and I am not sure how much longer she is going to last.

That leaves David Archuleta and David Cook. The two Daves. The two contestants I think will face off in the finals at seasons end. Both are very good singers, both are good performers and both have developed a large fan base. But in the end, one performer has to win. And who do I think that will be?

Starting next week, this is how I think eliminations will play out:

  • Syesha Mercado
  • Kristy Lee Cook
  • Jason Castro
  • Brooke White
  • Carly Smithson
  • David Archuleta
  • David Cook – WINNER

Of course, I have been very wrong about eliminations in the past. And the remaining performers are quite good (except KLC in my opinion – I have no idea how she has stayed around as long as she has). So we will just have to wait it out and see.

Unless you have a time machine, in which case I buy the coffee, you drive the machine, we go forward time a few weeks and I rewrite my list where it needs help.

AI was pretty awesome last night

Did anyone else feel that American Idol was pretty freaking good last night?

Maybe it was because all of the contestants sang about the caliber and quality of song. Or maybe it was because they all sounded the same.

I really don’t know what was up, but I was pretty impressed with the group last night. I think the judges were, for the most part, impressed as well. Except Randy that is.

Simon was unusually nice last night. Paula sounded like she was on drugs. Randy was having pitch problems all night.

Well, with the “Idol gives back” show tonight is going to be a celebfest of names that I truly do not care about, so I am probably going to be skipping that while thinking of next weeks show.

Until the time comes to talk Idol again, rock on.

Kristy Lee Cook tiene vidas como un gato

Dude, this girl just knows how to survive. I think she could very well end up in the finals the way she is always number 2 in lowest vote count.

I am reminded of the way Sanjaya Malakar managed to survive to the top six last year. He always seemed to skate into the next week. That is what Kristy Lee Cook is doing this year.

Granted, Ramiele was a little boring in her performance this week. But not as boring as Kristy Lee Cook. What is going on America?

Well, the competition is heating up quite a bit now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the bottom three (or two) again for the next few weeks. But honestly I think she will not last past the top four.

I think it will come down to David Cook, David Archuleta and Micheal Johns. And I think David cook will take the entire thing over David Archuleta much like Ruben Studdard took it over Clay Aiken all those years ago.

Both of these guys can sing, but David Cook can perform like no one else this season.

Except perhaps Kristy Lee Cook. She performs magic every week just staying in the competition.

Dude. America. What’s up?

Okay, I think America got it so wrong.

Chikezie? Come on. He actually performed really well this week. I think he sung his butt off.

The others escaped this week. Let me tell you there are a few contestants that should be sending out a lot of Christmas cards this year.

Chikezie, sorry bro. I liked you a lot this year.