Google AdWords wonky sometimes

I was looking over the ads that appear on this blog from time to time (hey, I got five kids and a wife to support… every little bit helps) and I noticed that once Google gets their hands on some topic within the blog, they run with it for a while.

Take for example, the current string of bad marriage related ads showing up. I have posted a few times recently about some things that I have discovered in my marriage and ways to try to improve my relationship with my wife. No, we are not perfect. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But we are not nearly as jacked up as Google would have you think based on the ad links that are showing up. And it has been at least a week since I have posted anything marriage related at all, and Google is still serving ads related to marriage. What the fucili?

So I am now on a mission to turn things around with my ads. Since I am getting about 40 unique visitors a month on this blog, I figured I could turn it into my main money making stream so I can spend more time finding cool things to blog about. That means I need to get some ads on here for your 40 people to actually click on. Which means I need to actually blog about something cool that you 40 people might like.

Ouch, my head hurts just thinking of all the vicious circles I just went in. Anyway, I will hopefully be posting more useful content now that American Idol is over. Hopefully, anyway.

FTR: 1/13

Feliz Cinco de Mayo menos mi pelo

For the mescans out that there, Feliz Cinco de Mayo. I know El Dieciseis de Septiembre is a much more celebrated holiday Mexicans, but since most of us are reading this are American of Mexican decent, there is a strong chance that you have not even heard of the 16th of September so Cinco de Mayo is a perfectly celebratable day.

With that I will say that we have decided to be somewhat Hispanic today and enjoy a nice dinner of chile relleno, frijoles y arroz con tortillas. Now I have the farts.

Getting our hair cut
So I desperately needed a haircut, and since the last one AJ and I got really did not pan out all that well, I decided to take him with me to get refreshed. Thinking I would try my hand at moving my son into a more grown up stage in his life, I decided that I would put him the chair all by himself. And you know what? He took to it a lot better than I expected.

AJ’s first haircut alone in the chair
AJ’s first haircut in the chair alone
I love watching my kids grow up. It never ceases to amaze me what they can do.

Loving Google more and more
Now that I am almost 100% all-the-way Google I think that I am going to start to using Picasa to host my images. Then I don’t have to upload my photos twice and I can gank their bandwidth instead of using my mine. Good things I tell you. Good things.

Well, that is all for today. There is a lot I wish I could post, some about a strange happening last night, but I really can’t go into detail like that here. Anyway, the night isn’t getting younger, and I have an entire night of being alone and sleeping by myself to prepare for, so I need to get. Later gator.

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I love Google

Dude, I am starting to love Google more and more every day.
It seems as though there is nothing that Google cannot do. I mean nothing. I started toying around today with the Google Docs and Spreadsheet application. That thing is awesome. It is slow, granted, but for those that need access to documents in a cross platform environment anywhere in the world, that little app is a great fit. Since it is on the web, it doesn’t matter what type of system you are on. It doesn’t matter what format you would normally be using since it is on the server. The spreadsheet works great and the word processor works great. Overall, it is a great productivity tool.

Another neat feature of Google’s is their personalized home page. Have you ever used that? You can make as many tabs as you like and include views into your stuff like GMail, ToDo lists, your Google calendar, various news feeds, RSS feeds, weather information, time information, traffic information… the list goes on and on. There are a few other web sites that offer stuff like this, namely Proto Page and NetVibes. I think I like the layout of NetVibes the best, but Google’s service offering blows the other two out of the water. Plus Google offers themes now, and their beach theme actually changes from daylight to dark as your time changes. That is freaking neat.

Anyway, Google isn’t paying me enough to talk this good about them (though they would if you would click the links to the left that are sponsored by Google), so I am going to step down from the soap box for now and continue to bask in the enjoyment that is the Google user experience. TTFN (or, as they say when you are a grown up, Ta Ta’s…. Freaking Nice!).

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