What could happen or what can happen?

I have decided. I have decided that fear sucks and should never be used as a mechanism for decision making. I have decided that there is not enough room in me for fear and courage to peacefully coexist. I have decided that from today fear and I are not on speaking terms.

I have decided that from this day I will live in excitement of what can happen instead of fear of would could happen. I have spent entirely too much time on looking at, analyzing and worrying about what might happen instead of going and finding out what can happen.

My friend Greg has been notorious for this. My friend Ray is the same way. When I talk to them I find myself asking questions like “Ever wonder what would happen if…”. You know how they ask questions? They don’t. They say things like “Let’s go …”. There isn’t a thought at all about what the outcome might be. And that makes sense. There is no adventure, no adrenaline, no testing of yourself when you sit on your ass and contemplate the probability of something. Where did my sense of adventure go?

We’ll being finding out very soon. I am so sick of being a coward. I am so sick of being afraid to find out for myself and watching life get lived by someone else. Today, I have decided that I am going to see first hand what can, and what will, happen when I decide to move into something as opposed to sit and think about it.