No good deed shall go unpunished

I friend of mine sent me a link to a story about a man that was ticketed for jay walking after he helped save a woman from being hit by a bus.

A good Samaritan who helped push three people out of the path of a pickup truck before being struck and injured has gotten a strange reward for his good deed: A jaywalking ticket.

Family members said 58-year-old bus driver Jim Moffett and another man were helping two elderly women cross a busy Denver street in a snowstorm when he was hit Friday night.

Moffett suffered bleeding in the brain, broken bones, a dislocated shoulder and a possible ruptured spleen. He was in serious but stable condition Wednesday.

The Colorado State Patrol issued the citation. Trooper Ryan Sullivan said that despite Moffett’s intentions, jaywalking contributed to the accident.

Now as big a fan of the law that I am I have to say that the police in this case dropped the ball pretty hard. Police let people off all the time for things like speeding, illegal turns, red light violations, etc. And jay walking is one of those infractions that few officers actually cite for, opting instead for real infractions. So this leave me a bit baffled as to why an officer would take it upon himself to issue a citation to someone who just saved a life.

I mean, would it have been better to let the woman die and not jay walk? And in that same vein, did the woman who was saved get cited as well? And lastly, as in the case of self defense or defense in need (like saving someone from attack by attacking the attacker), would this not qualify as a circumstance in which a law broken to save a life was certainly worthy of being negated by the fact that a life was spared? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Well, I can assure you that if ever I am faced with the prospect of jay walking for the purpose of saving someone from the certain death wrought by the impending collision with a speeding bus, I am going to do it. Cite me if you must. Just know that I would take that citation to court and probably win.