The best way to start a day ever

This morning, when my son woke up and after he told mom good morning, he sought me out. He had something to give me. And as he stepped down the hallway with purpose and authority I heard him call out to me.

“Daddy, I have a pwesent fow you.”

“What is it son?”

“It’s a hug and a kiss. I love you daddy.”

And with that he jumped into my arms and hugged me as big as his big boy arms could hug a dad of my size.

I’m certain he doesn’t know how much he touched my heart this morning, or how good of a day he gave me today. But hopefully I can share this with him so that he can look forward to those moments with his kids. I am a truly blessed father.

The brilliant observation of a three year old

Last night, as we approached church, we all noticed a blimp flying off in the distance. As we got to church Sandi noticed that the blimp was getting lower and lower to the ground.

Thinking it was about to land, she said out loud “I wonder where the blimp is going to land? Is it going to land at the airport?”

Without skipping a beat my son, all three and half years old of him, says “No mom, it is going to land at the blimp port”.

I love my son.

Hey, what can they say?

The other day I was in my room when I heard a shout from the living room of “Stop pulling your pants down! Both of you!”. Intrigued and amused by this I waited for my wife to come back to the bedroom then I asked her what that was all about.

Apparently Alaynah, my youngest daughter , and my son Aaron were playing in the backyard and they game they were playing involved them pointing their naked nude butts at one another. Awesome.

Last night, as I stood on the BART platform in Concord waiting for my train I got a text message from Sandi. The message was:

A conversation with AJ…
Sandi: “Aaron, quiet time is over, come on out to watch a movie.”
Aaron: “I’m getting my underwear on.”
Sandi: “Son, why are you naked?”
Aaron: “Because I want to sleep that way. It’s fun.”

Last night, as I rode in the car on my way home from work with Sandi and my two youngest kids, I hear “AJ, do you want to see my vagina?”. Shocked and awed by my daughter offering to display her privates for her brother both mom and I asked what was going on.

Apparently that sentence was the second half of a statement that she had made in response to my son’s constant barrage upon her of “you have a penis”. Her actual sentence was “Girls don’t have a penis they have a vagina. Want to see my vagina?”. Yeah, that made it all better.

And lastly, in a bit of humor that I find particularly delightful, as I was watching TV last the commercial for the new Macbook came on. As I watched it I mentioned to my family that “I must have the awesome” to which Adriannah replied “You already have the awesom sitting on your lap”.

You guessed it, she was sitting on my lap.

Bathis are for not boys

A few days ago, while waiting for me and the girls to get to the truck, my wife and son were having a conversation. He is getting to that age now and it makes sense to occupy him with talking rather than him overwhelming you with screaming.

So as Sandi was talking to him she mentioned to him that he needed to take a bath. He originally said not, then said that he wanted to take a bath. The he said one of the funniest things I have ever heard him saY:

“Bathis are for not boys. Bathis are for girls. Showers are for boys.”

Yes, he knows the differences between showers and bathis. And he knows the difference between girls and boys.

And somehow he managed to equate boys with showers and girls with bathis’.

Of course he will not take a shower to save his life, but that is a different topic for another time and place. 😉