That day

This is a poem I have wanted to write for a while. I think there is more to add to it, so I would consider this a first (or even rough) draft.

That day

It’s a day when all is said and done
There are no more stones to lay
The road’s been paved, it’s time to rest
For me it is that day.

For some the end brings pain
Under skies of cloudy gray
A sadness worn on the brows of all
Today is not that day

Life lived long in the service of love
Pleasure to please at play
Though ending could bring a halt to joy
Today is not that day

With ease tears flow in sorrow
With the passing by the way
There’ll come a day to cry for me
Today is not that day

My Father called my presence high
And I could not delay
In peace to live eternal
Forever from that day

My likeness clearly absent now
The price was small to pay
In giving all I’ve earned it all
There’s victory that day

Gone before me in His time
Preparing my place to stay
In time I knew I’d get to go
That there would be that day

I’ve heeded the call to rest at home
It’s time for you to pray
Remember me in joy and love
Don’t cry for me that way
The day will come to weep and mourn
Today is not that day
His love abounds with grace sufficient
For all that hear that day
As I have done, but that you see
Today is that day for me

FTR: 🙂 and 🙁 .