Can a bank actually close your account for you?

I have spent some time recently complaining of my failing economy. No, not the economy in general, but the economy of the Gonzalez household. It is not that I do not earn enough money. To the contrary, I am very blessed in that regard. No, the trouble is that I have been very irresponsible with my money.

I have let thing get out of control and out of hand and, as a result, I am reaping the consequence of my decisions. And I can tell you the consequences are bad. Really bad. In fact, you know it is bad when a bank closes your account for you. Or in my case, all of your accounts.

I have had several months worth of financial trauma in my house. It was to be expected considering the way I have (mis)managed my money for the past few years. So naturally this financial crisis has had an effect on my bank account which has, for quite some time, been sub-zero in terms of a balance.

Apparently banks do not like this. And as a result they closed all of my accounts. All of my checking accounts and all of my savings accounts. At least they were scheduled to close until I begged and pleaded with the bank to only close the account that was the worst instead of all of them.

For some strange reason the bank agreed and gave me a stern warning that I should not let my accounts ever get into that situation ever again.

After feeling somewhat humiliated by this incident I left the bank with my head held high knowing that even in the worst of times I can still manage to keep perspective. See, as I walked out of the bank I got into my truck that I still own and drove to my house that I still have. I have a wonderful family and a wonderful life.

Yes, it is hard at the moment. But it has been difficult before and we have gotten through it. I can see us getting through this one, too. I think it is just that the situation is so terrible at the moment that I think I will see even worse times before I see better times. And I am prepared for that.

Afterall, it was me who put me here.