Friday funny

Sometimes you just need something to laugh at on a Friday. I introduce you to Bizkit, the sleepwalking, er, running, dog:

No, you won’t go straight to hell for laughing at that poor creature run headlong into a wall after waking up from a dream in which he was obviously running after something. But if you play it back again and again and again, well then, I can’t be so sure.

Now this one here I especially love because, if you look at his head about halfway through, you can telling he is hauling butt in his dream. He is moving so fast that he actually moves himself in a circle. How awesome is that? Of course that belligerent look at the end is pretty funny too:

Speaking of belligerence, this poor guy can’t seem to snap out of this dream. He is actually standing up barking in his sleep:

Yeah, we all need a little something something to laugh at this Friday.