Recovering your hosting password

Today my daughter asked me to install new themes on her blog for her. Normally this would not be a big issue. However, the last time I did any work on her blog was in 2005, when I set it up. And of course, this was like three computers ago, meaning I did not have her FTP password any longer.

So after trying all the usual passwords I would have used, then trying some passwords that made sense (knowing the way my brain operates) I decided to just reset the FTP password on her account since there was no noticeable way to recover the password in the GoDaddy hosting control panel. It wasn’t until almost 45 minutes later that I found out this was not necessary.

Slight digression: I found it somewhat odd that it would take GoDaddy between 20 and 30 minutes to change an FTP password. Really, this should take all of one minute at the most, and that is if you type really slow. Still, I was patient for a time before calling GoDaddy tech support and finding out the GoDaddy is rolling out a system upgrade today that will effectively make my password change request take five hours instead of 30 minutes. #godaddy #fail

However, while on the phone with GoDaddy tech support I was taught how to recover your password in the event I ever forget this one. Please note: I will never, ever, forget my FTP passwords on GoDaddy ever again. Ever.

Recovering your hosting password on GoDaddy
Note: The following steps assume you have access to your GoDaddy control panel. That means you should be able to log into your GoDaddy account and get to your list of hosting accounts.

  1. Log into your GoDaddy account
  2. Get to your hosting accounts:
    • Either click on Hosting under the My Products tab on the left sidebar; or
    • Click on the My Hosting Accounts under the Hosting tab in the upper navigation bar.
  3. In your hosting account list, under Control Panel column, click on the Manage Account link to open the Hosting Control Panel window.
  4. From within the Hosting Control Panel, click on the Statistics heading.
  5. click on the Configure Web Statistics icon.
  6. Under the Password Reset heading, click on the link that reads “Have your web statistics password emailed.”.

And that’s it. Even though it is disguised as a statistics package password, it is really your hosting account password. And just that simple, you have your hosting account password in a nice, plain text, easy to read and equally easy to steal format in your inbox.