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Yet more change is afoot

A little over a year ago I posted about an upcoming career change that I was embarking on. I’m not at all the kind of person that likes to bounce around from job to job nor am I a huge risk taker when it comes to matters of finance, career growth and personal change. However, sometimes life happens, and sometimes things happen beyond your control that put you into a position of having to pull back the reins and get things in order once again, even if you have to take a risk to do it. To that end, I am heading down a path that I’ve not even so much as entertained the idea of let alone had the guts to pursue. I am changing jobs again.

This change is much needed for various reasons which I don’t need to go into here. But let me just say that while I look back on the last year of my work with mixed emotions, when I look forward I look on with excitement, butterflies and a determination to make some magic happen. I am leaving the comfort of something stable for the vast wonderland of something that is far from proven. I am taking a risk. A big risk. But one I absolutely need to take at this point in my life.

Starting next week I will be the lead architect and head engineer of a niche marketing company in Concord. I will be working a short term contact with long term potential and will be able to make an immediate, very visible impact of the business operations of the company. I will be a part owner and I will be responsible for making business, technology, architecture, implementation and deployment decisions the likes of which I’ve yet to do in my career. I’m more than a little nervous about that. But I am also more than a little excited about that.

There is just something about looking out over the great expanse of the unknown and seeing for yourself what that landscape looks like. Then stepping off the ledge of safety into that unknown, preparing to face all sorts of unexpected happenings and trusting in yourself to not only get through it but kick ass along the way to a major victory in your life. Yeah, I feel like a boxer throwing punches in the locker room just before a title fight. This is going to be freaking awesome and I am looking forward to it.

I do have to say however that there are some people I will miss from my current employer. While I’ve only been here a year I have had a chance to develop some strong professional and personal relationships with some amazing people that do some amazing things day in and day out. I’ve had to work with these folks daily, supporting them, being challenged by them and working with them collaboratively to achieve common goals and mutual awesomeness:

  • Ravi – Dude, I don’t know how you manage to do what you do every day without blowing a gasket. You only have two hands yet you work like an army of employees daily, getting things done by yourself that I’ve seen entire teams not get done at all.
  • Jay – I’ve had more fun working with you, talking with you, debating with you and collaborating with you than anyone else in the office. You are a great developer and I see big things for your future. Also? Competing in triathlons? Bad. Ass.
  • Fai – You are a gifted and talented front end designer and developer. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. You have an eye for style, color, relationships of objects… all of it. You were an asset to our company from the day you came on board.
  • Kim – What can I say dude, you are just bad ass from top to bottom. You get things done, you handle your business, you see a need before the client does and have an amazing work ethic. Any company would be blessed to have you on their team. It has been a tremendous pleasure working with you. And don’t cover up those tattoos. If there isn’t a handbook saying you have to there isn’t a rule saying you have to.
  • Adrian – Bro, you made my job so much more bearable, so much more sane. I’m glad we had a chance to work together, and I am glad you always brought a positive spin to the table every single day. Even if things were awful in my office, you coming over made things better. I hope you realize what an asset you are. Thanks for making my job as wonderful as you did bro.

And there you have it… news of yet another change in my life. So many changes in such a short period of time… and they aren’t done yet. Just you wait and see. ;)

Change is afoot

Today is a sad yet exciting day for me. It’s a day that is marked with emotion, trepidation, joy, reminiscence and a pinch of anxiety. Today is my last day in my current job as web developer for Bay Alarm Company.

I’ve been with Bay Alarm for a little over four years now, having left my previous role at New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc (NUMMI) after a nine year career there. I came on board at Bay Alarm primarily to help migrate the previous incarnation of the online account management system to a newer, LAMP based solution. From there I began to take on deeper responsibilities, most currently in the realm of SOAP interaction against payment gateways and middleware development bridging disparate data sources for resource tracking.

I’ve loved every minute of the work I have done here. I’ve loved working with my coworkers, two of whom have mentored me far beyond any expectation I could have ever had for mentors and one with whom I share a joint peer-to-peer type relationship. I’ve had the pleasure of working on several large scale projects, both software and hardware driven. I’ve had the opportunity to challenge myself with learning new technologies, methodologies and practices. And I have been blessed with having had the support of a great team, great managers and a great company helping me push forward in my development efforts.

Because of this, it has been exceptionally difficult wrapping my head around the notion that I will no longer be a part of this team. I will miss my team more than I can put into words. But at the same time, I am looking forward to new challenges, new experiences and new growth opportunities in my new endeavor. I am excited to be stepping out into something new. And though it is hard for me to say goodbye to my family at Bay Alarm, it is with great anticipation that I say hello to my new company.

In addition to my team, I would be remiss not to mention my family and the wonderful support they have shown me in the last few weeks as I struggled with this decision. My wife, Sandi, has been extremely supportive even though I am sure she is a little worried about this change. My kids have been excited for me, my bother and sister both have supported my decision and my in-laws have shown their support and congratulations for me in this move. All in all, I can say that this will be a good thing.

Still, I am sad. Sad that I am leaving such a great team. Sad that I will no longer have the working relationship that I have with our Marketing department, our Customer Care department, our Finance department… all of the groups that I have the pleasure of working for, and with, while I’ve been here. And while there have been a number of people that I have worked with that I will never forget, there are few that I absolutely have to give a special shout out to because without them there is a good chance I would have never been able to do my job:

  • Deanne – The most awesome DBA ever in the world, the fastest vi user ever in the world, the most security conscious person in the world… how did I ever develop software without you? You have been an inspiration, teacher, mentor and friend to me from day one. I am going to miss working closely with you, talking structure, architecture, data, interface and even knitting with you. I learned things from you that I never even knew I needed to know. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me.
  • Royce – You still amaze me everyday, both from your technical expertise and who you are as a man and father. You have blessed me in so many ways, from your constant barrage of lunches to our drives to Fremont when my car was broken to a few late nights of getting things in order on our server. I have learned so much from you over the past few years, most of which I will carry with me for the rest of my technical life.
  • Jason – Bro, you are an amazing developer. You’ve challenged me, you taught me, you’ve supported me. We’ve worked on some really cool stuff together and have done some amazing things. I’ve had the greatest time becoming your friend and I am proud to consider you my peer in all things technical.

So as my day draws to an end, and I begin to place my career at Bay Alarm into boxes, I’m taking a step back to remember all the awesome times I’ve had here and all the amazing people I’ve met here. You will all be missed.

Where the heck have I been?

If it’s any indication as to my whereabouts and free time, this post was originally started on January 22, 2010. Crap.

I wish I could tell you where I have been and what I have been up to this year. The truth is, I can’t remember. It has been a whirlwind year so far, wrought with long hours at work, long hours working at home, cleaning the house, riding Bart, more cleaning the house, more long hours at work and all sorts of other goodies along the way. I can honestly barely remember the ball dropping to ring in the new year let alone what I have done since then. But the few things that stand out the most are:

  • My car is getting fixed
    After more than a year of trying to raise the money to buy my replacement engine and have it installed I have finally been able to get it done. Almost. My car is in the shop as I write this and the motor should be in within the next couple of days. This will be such an enormous stress relief for me because I am going to now be saving literally three extra hours a day on commuting. I so can’t wait.
  • My career path is currently under review
    For some strange reason I decided that I’d post my resume on Dice.com a couple of weeks ago. Holy crap, was that every a crazy thing. Within an hour I had two calls and by the end of the day I had eight calls and five emails. I guess the valley is in need of PHP developers. Whatever. All I can say is that it is nice to know that in this crazy economy my skill set can still provide for my family.
  • My weight is still an issue for me
    I have been trying hard to get my weight back under control for the last couple of months. I had lost about 35 pounds toward the end of last year then allowed myself to fall victim to the Christmas holiday. That was so stupid of me. I have put back on about ten pounds since then, but the worse thing is that I don’t feel as healthy as I did just a few months ago. I’m battling this every day, and I feel like I’m losing the battle. But still, onward I fight.

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting about a boat load of things to mention for this year so far. I hope at some point I can slow down and remember enough of them to post about them. If not, just know that if I vanish again it isn’t because I have forgotten about my blog or have died or something heinous like that. It is probably because I am either at work or sleeping.

Mmmm, sleep.